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Music for where you are or where you want to be

Lost Boys Records was established by Logan Kendell in 2005 as an outlet for his many musical projects. At that time those projects ranged from Alternative, to Singer Songwriter, to pop punk, to synth pop, but one thread weaved throughout, an oceanic, beach influenced sound. Since that time our label's sound has evolved but you still may find yourself transported to another place or time.


Our Artists

Current and *former Lost Boys Records Artists

  • Logan Kendell - Singer Songwriter/Indie/Americana
  • The Sunset Beach Orchestra - Ukulele Jazz/Surf
  • The Roller Derby Queens - Dance Punk/Indie Funk
  • Banjo's Board Shop - Indie Rock for Kids
  • The Coconut Hillbillies - Outlaw Country/Reggae
  • Willy Tortuga - Americana/Blues
  • *The Last Slowdance
  • *The Awful Terrible
  • *Peeves

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